• Disability and Mental Health Awareness Patches

    Invisible and hidden disabilities, mental health conditions, specifically relating to ADHD, Autism, EDS, Fibromyalgia, Bipolar, and Chronic Pain.

    Disability & Mental Health Patches 
  • Politics Patches

    Feminism, Environmental, LGBTQ+ (not that this should be politics but here we are in 2022), human rights, animal welfare, tax the rich, pro-choice and anything else that inspires me to make patches to shout about the wrongs of this world.

    Politics Patches 
  • Viking and Norse Patches

    Runes, Bindrunes, Mjolnirs, Yggdrasils, Norse Gods, Valhalla, Heathenry, Paganism, Longboats and many other awesome patches inspired by Viking and Norse Culture, History and Pop Culture.

    Viking and Norse Patches 
  • Music Patches

    Black Metal, Synthwave, Death Metal, Dungeon Synth, Epic Black Metal, Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Sea Shanties, Bagpipes, and many many more awesome and obscure music-related patches you won't come across often. Everything that isn't a bootleg band patch, basically.

    Music Patches 

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