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Atmospheric Black Metal Embroidered Patch Dead Tree and Dark Red Snow Border

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Patch backing

Atmospheric Black Metal Deep Red Iron on Embroidered Patch Atmoblack Agalloch Patch

Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.5 cm

Deep Red border, white text and dead tree. This red is a tad deeper than the one I usually use on my earlier patches. The other one is available if you'd like it to match shade with others you buy from me, but for this stock photo and patch sent by default, it will be this slightly darker red.

Perfect gift for fans of Atmospheric Black Metal bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, Agalloch, Drudkh, Summoning, Caladan Brood, Audn, Can Baard, Ghost Bathm, Wodensthrone, Winterfylleth, Saor, etc

Also good for fans of Blackgaze like Alcest and Fen, etc.

This patch comes with a choice of iron-on backing to allow you to apply it to all sorts of places including bags and purses, or a non-iron backing that is softer and easier to sew through than the iron-on backing.

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