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Young and Disabled Embroidered Patch Pastel

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Patch Backing

Young and Disabled Iron on Pastel Color Vibrant Aqua, Pink and Violet Embroidered Patch Disability Awareness for Youth

10 x 5cm

Contains 3 thread colours - bright aqua blue, bright pink and lavender

Complimenting my collection of Invisible Disability patches and pins comes this patch to highlight those among us who "don't look old enough to be disabled" or have faced other related stigma being out and about with a visible or invisible disability whilst also not being middle-aged or older, at which point the rest of typical society see us as valid and finally, don't raise their eyebrows or tut at us. Until then though, you'll just have to make do with this patch to let everyone know that yes, that walking stick is yours, that wheelchair is yours, or that you do in fact need to sit in that disabled seat and you're not just a rude youth who is preventing a more visually impaired person from accessible seating.

This patch comes with a choice of iron-on backing to allow you to apply it to all sorts of places including bags and purses, or a non-iron backing that is softer and easier to sew through than the iron-on backing.

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